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Ock Avenue alone, once had dozens of pubs now there are just three. Large families lived in small houses and men escaped to the pubs. There were as soon as 60 pubs in Abingdon for a population of 5,000. There are actually 17 for a inhabitants of 35,000. Most of the former pubs although transformed into non-public dwellings are virtually unchanged. Pubs disappear for a wide range of causes we reside in nicer properties, there is more entertainment at house, TV and Internet, high costs within the pubs and cheap booze from the supermarkets which now never shut, we now not know all our neighbors, commuters get home late and exhausted, drink driving and smoking bans it just goes on.

My father was considered one of seven youngsters with him being one of the solely boys. My Aunt on my father’s facet was one of the eldest girls and she … Read More