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Petunia flowers are probably the most well-liked annual flowers for solar. I reside in a colder climate with four seasons and the petunia is a summer flower round my neck of the woods.

Clouds pour off the Wasatch Entrance while the sun peaks over the mountains this morning as Dallas and I took our walk. The view is to the southeast and my mom’s home is in the far decrease left of the photo, just beneath the solar flare. You possibly can see smoke rising from our neighbor’s chimney on the horizon to the right of the sun flare, the temperature was about 32 degrees.

Tragedy struck in mid-July when my little canine companion of 14 years, Mini-Schnauzer Jojo had to be put to sleep resulting from an inoperable mind tumor that caused her to have fixed seizures. Under is a picture of her in our Chicago residence, in her favorite chair, trying out the action on our busy avenue and barking selectively at people she didn’t like. She is gone from our side but never from our coronary heart. I spent the final day of her life consoling and soothing her, giving her favourite treats The vet advised me that I took such excellent care of her that she lived 2 years longer than most of her breed Farewell my trustworthy companion. We shall meet once more.

I don’t think it’s you Faith; my notices seem few and far between and some I never get. I don’t know if they’re getting overloaded and everyone seems to be having this same prob or not but I have never heard anybody else complain about it. I carry on top of my feedback although even if it takes me a few hours to get to them I at all times check here underneath comments and lots of times I have discovered a bit shock I never got a notice on!

Cherished your articles in your unwanted guests. I had a friend that lived in an space where the deer made the rounds each evening. They’d jump over 6 foot fences and feast on lush greener and hop on over to the next yard. There was a family of six and the neighbors all acknowledged out of their backyards when the deer entered for safety reasons. Trapped animals can attack in the event that they really feel threatened. Good luck on your deer control.