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Columbus Residence And Backyard Show

Charlotte (my web site designer) and myself have been very busy getting all the things finished over the previous few weeks and now it is prepared!! So hope you will all come over to my new Weblog home and say hi!

Once we have been planning for our retirement, primary on the listing was to get out of town and move to a bigger piece of property in the nation. We needed a place that was on or close to water, too. If it had a bit house (or perhaps a trailer) on it the place we could keep after we visited on the weekends before we retired, then that may be nice. We selected Covington, LA to begin our search because Al had visited every parish in Louisiana as part of his work and St. Tammany Parish was essentially the most environmentally sound, with only a few (if any) factories and the air and water were measured as being the very best in the state.

Needless to say the sales individual when he arrived was pretty much as good as his word, despite the fact that I made it clear from the beginning that I could not afford such expensive vintage he did his job and gave me loads of samples to style and we had a superb pleasant chat on the identical time, including me giving him my tea wine recipe (as he also makes his do-it-yourself wine); and after a very good hour or so he gave me my freebie and left.

Develop dahlias from tuberous roots or buy smaller dahlias out of your local backyard center. Your cottage backyard will profit from the wonder and old fashioned attraction of dahlias. If you happen to love house-grown flowers dahlias are a must on your slicing garden. The varieties, colours and wonder are endless. Easy to develop, dahlias want wealthy soil and sun, they’re normally the final flower that blooms within the backyard providing you with a show of shade until late autumn.

The story of the building of the pond is a long one and doubtless deserves its personal lens, so we is not going to elaborate on that. After it was completed, we soon accomplished several hummingbird and butterfly gardens adjoining to the pond. We worked to landscape the area around it with fruit and decorative trees and shrubs that attract birds and animals, however this is an ongoing undertaking.