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How To Make A Bee House

It is Halloween night, and you won’t be residence to reply the door for all the little trick-or-treaters.

Now for my unusual question, I’ve spent a number of thousand dollars on my yard over the previous 9 years, one was 3,000.00 for sod that looks so pretty. Something that the HOA is keen and able to start charging me $25.00 per day if the grass gets to high. My alternative now’s to take the Sod with me, for one the HOA cannot charge me 25.00 per day that can add as much as tens of hundreds, I’ve already seen this finished to different owners in the HOA.

The staff, guards and kids came collectively the opposite night to prepare a big dinner with the Jesus video to be shown after. Over a hundred adults got here which was out of the traditional. Normally many kids would arrive however not this time. Food was served, a prayer was stated by a guest to say thanks and likewise for the opportunity to see a real Jesus video in their language. Three hours later, everybody went home comfortable. For individuals who wished Bibles, we had been capable of give them one due to a wonderful donor in Canada.

Bought an upscale condo in NJ in 2006. Market fell. I used to be at all times able to hire it out though I have been taking a $1,000 loss each month. Now, the tenants are moving out. I can’t get new tenants. Ought to I borrow in opposition to a credit card to pay my mortgage funds for a couple of months or foreclose? The mortgage is $3200 a month which I haven’t got. Can’t sell it either. I owe four hundred,000 and rental is only price $350,000.

Lastly….an image of the 78 goats in Malindi village. We had not been able to drive to this village because the roads are impassible from the rains. We employed a person to go on a three hour boat journey across Lake Victoria with a digital camera to take photos for us, however I can solely show you one of many. The feminine goats are now beginning to produce youngsters and we expect 100 by January.