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For garden designers, Munstead Wooden is one of the most well-known gardens in England. It was the home of Gertrude Jekyll who is renowned as a plantswoman. She created methods of planting which were very progressive in their day – and the garden at Munstead Wooden was one of the locations the place she tried out her ideas. Discover out more about Gertude Jekyll and this internationally famend garden – even when you can only see the garden as a virtual visitor or by way of a e book.

At the Margaret Hunter Shop, the work of the Milliner can be seen. The Milliner created ballroom robes, hats, cloaks, hoods, gloves, petticoats, hoops, and riding costumes. The Milliner helped colonists prepare for costume balls by creating the costumes and apparel. The Millinery commerce took excellent care of the women of the colony and supplied them with requirements they desired.

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