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The Right Light For The Landscape

The landscape of your home can often benefit from different types of lighting. You could install something that is simple, such as small solar lights along a pathway or something that is extravagant, such as a large light that illuminates the trees in your front yard. You can often change the type of lighting at certain times of the year, such as at Christmas when you might want different colors or different designs that shine on the exterior of the home.

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A lighting Clearwater FL company can offer suggestions about the best types of lights to use in the yard and those that you might want to avoid. When you begin planning your exterior lighting design, you should think about the focal point and what you want the light to shine on, such as a swing, tree, decorations, or patio furniture. You should also think about the reason for the lighting as some people install lights for added security while others install lights for ambiance or decoration. Smaller lights are often used as markers along pathways and sidewalks, making it easy to see where you’re going if you know that you’re going to be out late at night or if you work long hours and don’t get home until late.

Consider mixing the different styles of the lights that you use instead of only using one design. An option is to use lights that are of the same color scheme or of the same design family but that have slightly different features so that it doesn’t have a monotone appearance. Sometimes, less lighting is more in the yard, especially if you have a smaller yard or if there are a lot of plants in the yard. You don’t need to light up every single thing for people to see with only a few lights here and there to highlight the important details that you want to showcase.